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All About Virtual and Augmented Reality

Learn to Build VR Environments and Set Your Sights Towards a Career in Virtual Reality

November 19 2020 , Written by Kevan Sim

With time the number of career options that are available to students has increased manifolds. Earlier we only had a set number of courses and career paths available but with the development of technology and modernization, there have emerged many new areas in which students can build a successful career for themselves. The computer and technology industry has been one of those industries in which the majority of the new career avenues have opened and continue to develop at a rapid pace. With these new options being available it allows the students to venture into many upcoming avenues to build a career in.

The virtual reality segment of the computer technology industry is on the rise. There are more and more people every year who are venturing into developing virtual reality environments. Virtual reality uses computer technology to create a simulated environment and puts the user inside the environment rather than watching it from the outside like in traditional interfaces. One of the best places in Singapore where you can learn to build VR environments is the MAGES Institute of Excellence.

MAGES Institute of Excellence has one of the best virtual reality development programs where they teach you how to build a fully functional virtual reality environment using Unity 3D. The course has a duration of 36 hours in which there will be 2 classes held per week for 6 weeks in total. After the students can complete this course, they will be rewarded with a certificate of participation. People above the age of 16 can join this program and have to be a resident of Singapore. This program by MAGES Institute of Excellence is one of the most comprehensive programs about the virtual reality where they go into the depth of every aspect of virtual reality ensuring that by the end of the course you have no doubts left and that you can build VR environments with ease. The course is conducted by some of the most brilliant minds in the VR development scene.

The course starts with an introduction to the current VR ecosystems that are in effect and where it is headed over the next few years. The course then focuses on the basics of VR technology and with the sessions, they delve deep into the nitty-gritty of the VR technologies and help you understand every nook and cranny of it. The course aims to give you a deep insight into virtual reality technologies and make sure that you can build a virtual reality environment by yourself by the end of the course.

With virtual reality technologies picking up speed and developing at a fast pace, the course conducted by MAGES Institute of Excellence is a must-do for anyone who wants to enter this sphere. Opting to go for this course will give you an edge in the virtual reality sphere and help you develop much need skills that will help you to progress in the science of making virtual reality environments. Being able to study such a futuristic subject at such low costs is an opportunity that no one should miss. So go on to the website of MAGES Institute of excellence and register yourself now for this amazing course conducted by the experts in the field of virtual reality.

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